About Us :: What We Do
Crossover International is an organization that continually attempts to expand God’s Kingdom, using the sport of basketball as it’s main tool. Because of the worldwide popularity of basketball, there is a vast array of opportunities to exploit. Crossover seeks these opportunities to minister and remains open to the diversity of platforms the sport provides.


Crossover International takes American athletes overseas to play basketball against international competition.  Crossover is aware of the adoration international youth have for American athletes. This presents an opportunity to share the gospel since they are ready to hear what Crossover has to say.  The tours include basketball clinics during the daytime that incorporate Bible studies and devotions.  This gives Crossover the opportunity to reach out to the youth on a personal level building long lasting relationships with them. In the evenings Crossover competes with other international teams using the opportunity to witness at halftime with dramas, music and testimonies.  Crossover also uses its tours to disciple its players and help them grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ.  In addition to playing basketball, much emphasis is placed on their personal spiritual growth through bible studies, devotions, prayer, and praise & worship.   The players in return are prepared to spread the gospel into the uttermost parts of the earth as Jesus commanded through the awesome platform the sport of basketball provides. After the tour, Crossover administrates discipleship to the youth ministered to during the camps through their established international church partners localized in the toured cities. The youth are strongly encouraged to get plugged into these local churches.  In addition, Crossover stays connected with the youth through its international church partners and various means of communication while overseeing the continued discipleship and accountability of the youth through the local church.  This enables Crossover to strengthen its newly made relationships with the youth, as well as helping them to grow in their new walk with Jesus Christ.

Through similar formats of ministry and discipleship, Crossover International also ministers nationally through the following:
-    Basketball Camps
-    Crossover Basketball Academy
-    Prison Ministry
-    National Tour Teams (AAU, etc.)
-    Semi-Pro Basketball Leagues