Activities :: Upcoming Tours
2012 Tours (July 21 – August 11):

Tour A: Germany & France (Co-Ed)
Tour B: Romania & Czech Republic (Co-Ed)
Training Camp in Denver, Colorado

Crossover International is currently accepting and reviewing applications for men’s and women’s teams to travel Crossover’s tours in 2012. Tour member roles range from; players, coaches, trainers & managers, worship leaders & musicians, chaplains, media personnel, administrative assistants, and tour directors.
To fill out an online tour application form, Click Here >>
Your application will be processed and revised by Crossover’s board and core staff, then a staff member will contact you regarding your application.

Tour Application Process…
The CI organization has a two-fold process for a person to be approved to travel on tours with Crossover International.
First, the person must thoroughly fill out the tour application. After the application is summated, he or she will be interviewed over the phone by a Crossover representative at least once. The application will be reviewed by the board and core staff of the organization. When the organization has granted or declined approval of an application, the applicant is notified by the phone and email.
If the application has been approved, the second phase of the approval process is dependent on the applicant’s willingness to agree to Crossover International’s Tour Travel Terms & Conditions. The applicant must thoroughly read and sign this contract before he or she can be fully approved.