Partnership :: Support Crossover

"Thank you for your interest in becoming a supporting partner with Crossover International. Some time ago, I read a book on servant leadership. While reading the book, the Lord gave me some creative illustrations relating to Crossover International that I would like to share with you.

There are different kinds of nets in the world. The most common is the kind that catches fish. Since one of the things Jesus has called us to do is to be “fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19), one can easily view “nets” as a symbol of our calling. Here at Crossover we use basketball “nets” to reach the lost. Our nets attract many people who otherwise may not hear about Jesus. We count it a great privilege to use our basketball nets to fish for the diversity of men, women, and children throughout our world.

Another type of net is the ones that trapeze artists use as a safety net. Just like every trapeze artist has a support net to make what he or she does possible, Crossover International also needs a support net to make its vision possible. Our support net is made up of prayer warriors and financial supporters who are vital to the success of Crossover International. We greatly appreciate your support nets and realize that without them, Crossover would not exist. Thank you very much for your partnership."

In Christ,

Jonathan Barnett, MBA

Crossover International, Inc.