Tour B...
This year the Crossover traveled with 13 men and women to Germany and Czech Republic to spend a week building relationships with one another, our campers, the community AND spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.  One again Crossover had an incredible team of people from all over the country- even as far as Alaska!  In addition, we were blessed to have a number of returning alum: Jessica Seyler, Carrie Crawford, Zo Azubuike, Reggie Wright and Kirby Beneventi; which made it fun for the kids to see some familiar faces, and equally as fun for us to see how the kids have grown, both physically and spiritually.  
The Crossover men and women’s teams performed well against competition and came back to the U.S. with a flawless record, and almost no injuries…  Ryan Kannigeiter suffered a blow to the mouth and was rushed to the hospital where he had a few stitches on his upper lip.  Thankfully the Lord was gracious and the procedure (which would have cost over $400) was done for FREE!  This was such a huge blessing and just one of the ways God showed up and provided for our team.  
One of our German kids, Kjell, who is now 17 and has been attending Crossover camps for 4 years expressed an interest to become a future tour member.  Kjell accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior a few years ago and it has been wonderful to watch his heart for the Lord grow more and more.  He is thirsty for fellowship amongst believers and to learn more about his Savior so please be praying for Kjell!    
Our experience in Czech was also impacting.  We held camp for about 25 kids and teamed up with an excellent team of translators who have a sincere heart for the Lord and a desire to impact the youth in Pisek, Czech Republic.  As always it was a blessing to be around our contact Pastor Martin, he is an incredible man of God who easily emits the fruits of the Spirit.  We had a good response from the kids and are encouraged to see the developments going on in Czech.  Our final days were spent in Prague where we had all day to roam the gorgeous city, take pictures, buy last minute souvenirs and coffee…lots of coffee.  
In closing this trip was a great experience.  As usual each tour begins with 13 strangers coming together for a common purpose but we never return as strangers.  In fact the opposite, you return feeling as if you have 13 brothers and sisters.  Tour always stretches you, asking you to give beyond your limits or desires.  It asks you to dig deep and pull out that extra bit of energy so you can encourage/coach the kids.  It challenges you to have a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the same language as you.  And it requests you to travel for longs hours, sleep few, pull luggage and jump to and from trains.  It can be exhausting!  But it can also be the most rewarding thing you have ever given yourself to…all for the Gospel.