Tour A...

Tour A was comprised of 15 members and had strongly competitive playing teams….both Men and Women.  

The first stop was in Cluj-Napoca, Romania where we had 88 kids in the camp. We got to work with the AMAZING staff of YWAM Cluj again and that is ALWAYS an absolute Joy!

The camp was split into two gyms with the younger kids having their own facility to practice in. Amanda Sanders and Troy Cohen did an excellent job of facilitating the camps activities. The team was so involved in every aspect of Camp, and really built relationships with the kids. At the end of the week, a large number of the kids expressed a desire to start a relationship with Jesus. We estimated that about ¾ of them raised their hand when we asked if they wanted to pray to accept Jesus as their Savior.  We were able to participate in a time of debriefing, worship and story sharing with the staff at YWAM Cluj on our last day and many of our team expressed their desire to do more for God in the future and to take their walk with God more seriously.

We took a day to sight-see and relax in Budapest, Hungary on our way to France. We had a great time going to a Turkish style Bath house and then on a Danube River Cruise that evening.

Our journey to France was by train and we took a total of 3 trains for 14 hours. It was a long day, but traveling by train is one of our favorite forms of transportation, so we had a blast.  We arrived in the Alsace region of France and did a special presentation at the church where our contacts attend

Our camp in France was much different than Romania because it was smaller and the team was altogether for camp the entire week. We stayed in host homes and many of us got to experience French living first hand. We chuckled a lot because many things were “different” than we are used to.

The camp was a joy to participate in. The kids were so fun and REALLY loved “Lucky Loop”. Every time that Troy would say we were going to play it, the kids would erupt! We had a blast! One funny story is that Troy would have the kids do responses to certain phrases that he would shout. He would ask, “WHERE ARE YOU?” and they would respond “RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!”. He would then ask “WHO ARE YOU?” to which they were supposed to respond, “A MIRACLE!”. HOWEVER, on the second day, we realized that the kids were actually saying “AMERICANS!”  This was even more comical because the third question he would ask was “DO YOU BELIEVE IT?” and they would respond “YES!”  We got a real laugh out of that one because they were probably so confused on why we would tell them to say that they were AMERICANS!  We still laugh about that one!
The kids in France were a joy and we have many good friends there that we look forward to seeing next year.  We know that God was glorified in the camp, and many people have responded about how they were blessed in the camp.